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About Pyramid Care

Our story

Pyramid Care are a foster agency with a difference, as we are a registered Community Interest Company! The advantages to this are considerable for all parties involved – the staff, the foster carers and the children/ young people. Being a CIC means that our profits do not go to the Directors or any other parties involved in the company, but instead all profits that we make are re-invested into our services. This means that we are able to charge competitive prices whilst maintaining an exemplary service. We will be able to use the profits to purchase the additional support to help both the young people and the carers to help maintain and enrich our placements.

Pyramid Care are committed to ensuring that our high levels of support are maintained at all times, currently our social care staff ratio to foster families is 1:2 - and we are committed to maintaining this high level of support. Pyramid Care have no plans to expand geographically beyond a ten mile radius of Worcestershire.

We believe that children need and deserve the best start in life, and that a happy and secure childhood is vital to help them reach their full potential. We cannot change what has happened in the young person’s life before they are part of our service, but we can make a huge difference once they are. Foster carers play the key role in this process. We need to creatively and genuinely support our carers to achieve this. This may be through increased respite packages, specific training, therapeutic support, additional funding for identified activities etc. Within traditional agencies, these may be considered luxuries… we consider them to be essentials.

As a fostering agency we actively listen to our carers and young people, and learn from them in order to effectively evaluate and improve our service. Every member of our service – staff, carers and young people will be working towards reaching their full potential- the core belief of Pyramid Care CIC. We want our carers to feel that they have the right support, resources and service to enable them to succeed and in turn help their placements succeed. Every young person that receives a service from Pyramid Care is routinely assessed and reviewed as we mold our service around the individual- ensuring that all of their needs are met throughout their time with us.

This is a ‘living’ ethos and a ‘living’ service. As such it is defined by its users, and evolves as it develops and grows.

“To find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better…to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our aim is to succeed…

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