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New to Fostering

Who can foster?

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ foster carer. We need a wide range of different types of people from different backgrounds and with different racial and cultural heritages. Many people worry that their gender, age, income, sexuality, marital status or accommodation may preclude them from becoming a foster carer, but this is not the case.

As part of the assessment process, the Criminal Records Bureau will check that you have not committed an offence which will exclude you from fostering. You will also be required to consent to a health check, to rule out any severe health problems. If you have any concerns about these, we strongly recommend that you discuss it with your visiting social worker rather than assume it is a problem. They will be able to discuss the issues knowledgably and confidentially. Very often we will be able to put your mind at rest, and continue with your application.

You do need:-

  • A spare bedroom for the young person
  • Basic skills to undertake the assessment and future training
  • Genuine commitment to look after a child for as long as they need to stay with you
  • Be at home for younger children, or when older children get home from school
  • Be patient, flexible, energetic with time to give to a young person
  • Provide a home where children feel safe and are not exposed to risks such as smoking, dangerous dogs or unsuitable adults

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