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Experienced Foster Carers

Why join us?

  • We are a Community Interest Company – this means that all our profits are re-invested into the company, not to shareholders or directors. As a result of this we can provide additional services to our carers and young people placed in our care, such as intensive packages of support, therapy if needed.
  • We are dedicated to delivering a person centred service. No two carers are the same, no two young people are the same, and no two members of staff are the same. We draw on the strengths of this diversity and the opportunities that this can create.
  • We provide a standard comprehensive support package which includes regular support visits, carer forums and opportunities for carers to meet and share experiences, regular training and social events.
  • We provide competitive rates of remuneration.

Many factors determine the success of a placement, however research has evidenced that a key factor is the quality, quantity and range of support offered. The support we offer carers is paramount to our service.

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