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Why work with us?

Pyramid Care have a strong commitment in continually striving to achieve Best Quality in all its activities associated with the business and as such reviews its policies, practices and procedures on a regular, on-going basis. Under the guidance of Fostering Regulations and statute law as issued under English legislation, Pyramid Care strive to have clear procedures for monitoring and controlling the activities of the fostering service and ensuring quality performance.

The aim and objectives of our fostering service quality assurance programme are as follows:


To provide a quality service in which service user feedback and self-evaluation is a constant and valued process, and to ensure that accurate information is available to inform the work of the service and secure the successful delivery of the aim and objectives of the service


Pyramid Care will:

  • Support foster carers to provide high quality placements that meet the assessed needs of children placed with them
  • Ensure supervising social workers monitor the work of foster carers and provide appropriate support
  • Ensure that managers are aware of the demands being made on Pyramid Care
  • Ensure that managers are aware of the resources available and needed to meet actual and project demand
  • Ensure that resources are used effectively to meet the demands placed on the service
  • Ensure that management data is available to assist with reporting on the 5 Outcomes Framework indicators
  • Ensure the work of the service continues to meet; its aim and objectives, the requirements of children needing foster placements, requirements of the appropriate Fostering Services Standards and associated Local Authorities

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